Quaker witness as sacrament

by Daniel O. Snyder

Other authorsChel Avery (Editor), Shirley Dodson (Publications Staff), Mary Hegelsen Gabel (Designer)
Pamphlet, 2008



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CP 397/1


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 2008.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Snyder has lived the walk he preaches: both as an urban activist and as contemplative in a Trappist monastery. Through his teaching at Pendle Hill, he has brought together the Quaker activists and those who feel led to a an inward exploration, showing them that it, too, is a both/and proposition
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rather than an either/or. A pamphlet to be reread and recommended to others.
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LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
This beautiful pamphlet is the story of the author's spiritual journey, and how he has come to understand the relationship between peace work and personal spirituality. He testifies that the sacramental life is so grounded in inward Presence that its outward dimensions are a transparent witness to
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Spirit. He addresses spiritual practices and worship, and how they transform us.
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CP 397/1


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