Navigating the living waters of the Gospel of John : on wading with children and swimming with elephants

by Paul N. Anderson

Pamphlet, 2000



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CP 352


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, c2000.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
A good resource to see which verses apply to which theological claims. To a lesser degree, Anderson points out Hebrew Scripture verses used by John (and by Jesus). Anderson is an Evangelical Friend. I met him at the very first Intensive I took at ESR when he stayed at Norwich Lodge along with JR and myself.
LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
Anderson points out that the Gospel of John is both a favorite of devotional reading and an important and theologically controversial text. A Biblical scholar, he gives a helpful interpretation that makes this Gospel more accessible without undermining its powerful inspirational qualities. The greater clarity about the Gospel that he offers leaves the reader with a better understanding and more informed questions to ponder.
Anderson does not address directly why Friends have long found that John's Gospel particularly speaks to them and even called it "the Quaker Gospel," so look elsewhere for that. Try PHP 179, Light and Life in the Fourth Gospel, by Howard Brinton. Anderson does assert that John in his Gospel sought to evoke a transformative encounter for the reader, and emphasizes that in John, believing means coming into a faith relationship with God rather than adhering to creeds, rules, and rituals. These surely are clues to Friends' response to this Gospel.
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