Group spiritual nurture : the wisdom of spiritual listening

by Daphne Clement

Other authorsMelanie Weidner (Cover artist)
Pamphlet, 2004



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Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 2004.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Well, I certainly did not enjoy this PHP reading it this the first TWO times. I'm surprised I even gave it a third try. But I did, and I gleaned much more from it than I expected. No doubt because I was no longer wishing to "learn" how to do group Spiritual Direction, but was instead wishing to understand how to teach others to hold on to the Mystery we each own in our stories.

Clement has plenty of nuggets of gold scattered throughout this book: "maintaining silence is important during this short break [5 minutes]. Otherwise, the group often becomes so "chatty" that it loses the depth of intimacy that has been created" (p 11).

"Spiritual nurture is not about solutions; it is about being with, accompanying, companioning" (13).

"Spiritual Nurture Groups can offer an opportunity to experience and to get a feel for our most with-in place, our praying heart, in the presence of others" (p 30).
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LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
This is a valuable pamphlet. It is about a very effective spiritual practice: what it is, what it can do for us, and one way of practicing it. The pamphlet is not as clearly organized and written as I would wish and as it could be, so the reader has to work to put together a clear understanding. Nevertheless, I appreciate what Clement has accomplished here. The topic is of great importance, and she includes formulations about spiritual nurture that convey a great deal. The information may be jumbled, but it is rich, insightful, and valuable.
Clement writes about one fundamental type of spiritual nurture: speaking authentically about our experiences of God's presence and guidance, and listening spiritually, both embedded in silence. From both the speaking and the listening, we can increase our awareness of this constant presence and guidance, open to our own spiritual center, experience the love and human connectedness that we yearn for as well as God's love, and open to the spiritual center of the community of spiritual companions. And more. These awarenesses are healing to us and to the world. This is a powerful way to walk the spiritual path.
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