Violence or aggressive nonviolent resistance?

by Phillips P. Moulton

Pamphlet, 1971



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CP 178


[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 1971]

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This pamphlet presents a brief discussion of the various issues around the choice of violence vs. nonviolence: the benefits and drawbacks of violence, the causes of violence, alternatives to violence, active nonviolent resistance, the ethics and philosophy of nonviolence, and the practical effectiveness of nonviolent resistance. It is generally a good treatment of these issues, although it is slightly dated on various points where more research has been done and methods developed since 1971, such as the history of successful use of nonviolent resistance, and conflict resolution. His word "aggressive" with nonviolent resistance would now be replaced by active or assertive. The philosophy of nonviolence and the effectiveness of nonviolent techniques are well expressed. Moulton cites M. L. King's observation that nonviolent resistance combines the strengths of both persuasion and active resistance, avoiding the inadequacies of either one alone, and resolves the dilemma of those who want to support the oppressed but cannot conscientiously engage in violence.
This is a graceful, thoughtful, and brief statement on this matter, and thus is helpful to include among the various published statements, each of which has its own particular value. It has a bibliography of good resources, though not up to date.
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CP 178


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