Contemplation and leisure

by Douglas V. Steere

Pamphlet, 1975



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CP 199


[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, c1975]

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In this valuable pamphlet, Steere writes about what contemplation is and what it can do for us, with helpful quotes from various mystical classics. Contemplation can bring us to meaning, compassion, peace, understanding, responsibility, joy, connectedness, and the openness to "the mysterious unity
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and integrity." It is available to everyone.
Some wonderful quotes: From the Imitation of Christ: "He in whom the Eternal Word speaks is delivered from many opinions." Bernard of Clairvaux: "Cultivate the gift of seeing [reality] in order to bear prosperity and not be its victim, to wield power responsibly, to see the common principle of order, to feel abundance."
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Pendle Hill Pamphlet 199

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Call number

CP 199


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