Holding one another in the light

by Marcelle R. Martin

Pamphlet, 2006



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Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, c2006.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Rather equivocal about intercessory prayer, but about right for a Quaker point of view. Does bring forward the notion that what we find as problematic in another may actually be our own shortcoming. Perhaps good for an ARE discussion.
LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
In this deep and lovely pamphlet, Martin writes about what prayer with and for others is, in her experience, how she thinks it may work, and what it may do. Her experience has drawn her to a convincement of "a divine reality permeating myself and all of creation," and "that although our bodies are separate, we are connected to one another in an invisible, spiritual web through which something very powerful and healing can be transmitted instantaneously -- Light, energy, love, forgiveness, soul communication."
She has explored many ways of holding others in the Light, or praying for others, and lays out her conclusions on what and how to do this. She finds that praying for others seems to be an opportunity to participate in divine love, and writes about prayer for individuals, the meeting or meeting committees, praying with others, healing prayer and meetings for healing, prayer for the world, and more.
This essay is full of wisdom that seems to lift the veil a little. She shares a variety of experience and conclusions that are likely to offer helpful insight to virtually everyone. It is not only inspiring, but also a read that feels like a peaceful blessing itself.
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LibraryThing member PJCWLibrary
Combine the two: Marcelle Martin and Pendle Hill Pamphlets makes it worth reading.
LibraryThing member bookcrazed
Quakers refer to intercessory prayer as "holding one another in the Light." This practice, Martin writes, is "an opportunity to participate in divine love." In Quaker thought, it is the experience of the Divine that is foremost; Martin is true to this tradition, describing the variety of ways intercessory prayer nourishes the individual and community spiritual experience. I was particularly grateful for her elegant reminder that God is always present; we simply need to step into the Divine flow that awaits our attendance. There is considerable food for thought in this beautifully written essay. It left me feeling positive, hopeful, and inspired to be a better human being.… (more)


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CP 382/1


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