The lion who wanted to love

by Giles Andreae

Other authorsDavid Wojtowycz (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1999



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London : Orchard Books : 1999 :

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LibraryThing member seldombites
This is a beautiful story, topld in rhyme, about a lion cub who just wanted to be friends with all the other forest animals.

Themes include friendship, courage and the ability to be yourself rather than run with the crowd.

My kids love it and so do I.
LibraryThing member SamanthaThompson
I really enjoyed the way this book flowed. There was a distinct rhyme scheme, with the last word in every other line rhyming. It made the book sound like a song and was therefore easy to read. Children would like listening to this book because of the rhyme scheme. It helped the story come together and flow very fluidly. Children could also predict what would happen next in the story based on the rhyme scheme because the story is easy to follow.
Leo, the main character, is another reason this book is powerful. He was different from the typical lion and wanted to be friends with other animals instead of eating them. Leo the lion is a good lesson for children about the power of friendship. The various friends that Leo made throughout the story all came back at the end to help him in his time of need. Friends can come in unexpected forms, and they can also help a great deal when we need it.
The main idea of this story is that it’s okay to be different from everyone else. Sometimes our differences make us stronger. We can’t judge people based on first impressions because there will always be at least one person (or lion) that goes against the grain and does something we wouldn’t normally expect. Even though Leo varied greatly from his species, he was still accepted in the end because his family began to see his differences as an asset. Each individual has a good quality to bring forth to the world and it is perfectly acceptable to be different from everyone else.
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