Imagination & spirit : a contemporary Quaker reader

by J. Brent Bill (Editor)

Other authorsRichard J. Foster (Author), James A. Michener (Author), Philip Gulley (Author), Jessamyn West (Author), Elizabeth Gray Vining (Author), Daisy Newman (Author), Irene Allen (Author), David Yount (Author), C. Michael Curtis (Foreword), Elton Trueblood (Author), Scott R. Sanders (Author)5 more, Thomas R. Kelly (Author), Douglas V. Steere (Author), Jan De Hartog (Author), Elfrida Vipont Foulds (Author), Thomas James Mullen (Author)
Paperback, 2002



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Richmond, Ind. : Friends United Press, c2002.




Chicken Soup for the Soul - Quaker style Imagination and Spirit offers the "best of the best" by contemporary Quaker authors with a brief biography of each. Features work of Daisy Newman, Jessamyn West, Richard J. Foster, Douglas V. Steere, Thomas Mullen, D. Elton Trueblood, Elizabeth Gray Vining, Scott Russell Sanders, Irene Allen, Phil Gulley, James A. Michener, Thomas Kelly, Jan De Hartog, Elfrida Vipont Foulds, and David Yount.

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LibraryThing member brentbil
This collection is full of information and surprises. Did you know James Michener was a Quaker. Or that some of these pieces were made into movies? With an introduction to Quakers and writing and biographies of each featured author, the book features essays and fiction by the likes of Jessamyn
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West, James Michener, Scott Russell Sanders, Richard Foster, Thomas Kelly, David Yount, Phil Gulley and more. C. Michael Curtis, senior editor of The Atlantic Monthly says it has, "Readings that offer both food for thought and surprise around every corner."
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