The hundredth monkey

by Ken Keyes

Paperback, 1981



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St. Mary, Ky. : Vision Books, [1981]

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LibraryThing member repsac3
One of several books I have by this author... He's gotten me through some difficult times....

This book is about the mindset required to peacefully avert nuclear war, and generally get along. I'd like to think it'd work... But I confess to being more cynical than I was in the 1980's.
LibraryThing member Robert.Zimmermann
Short, simple, to the point. No one could ask anything else out of a book. The message that we are all in danger of being involved in the first (and would be only) nuclear war in history, a war that would bring the end to everything as we know it, is a punch in the face to anyone who reads this book. There is fluff anywhere in this book. The message is clear. The call for the world to united under one opinion to step away from the looming man-made Armageddon is what Keyes wants everyone to understand and he does it well. The information in this book is backed up by leading experts on the material and isn't just the ranting of someone with a typewriter. Pick up a copy of this book, or find it online (it's free for anyone to reproduce, which makes it even more intriguing, however you obtain it don't take it too lightly just because the Cold War is "over." We can all benefit by having a global consciousness to solve whatever threat to civilization arises.… (more)
LibraryThing member DeFor
This kind of inspired me to become more politically aware, but I am not convinced of the hundredth monkey theory. Collective consciousness makes perfect sense, but the claim that it has magical brainwashing powers sounds like nonsense.

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