Wayward Puritans : a study in the sociology of deviance

by Kai T. Erikson

Paperback, 1966



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New York ; London : John Wiley & Sons, 1966.

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The New England Puritans had a unique society and government that impacted the foundation of the United States. A few Puritans left England in order to form an experimental society to prove that living by the Bible and following Puritan beliefs were the way to live a righteous life. Throughout this experiment the Puritans were subject to three major conflicts that challenged and reshaped their beliefs: the Antinomian controversy, the Quaker invasion, and the witches of Salem Village. Erikson uses these three conflicts in New England Puritan history to illustrate that deviance is a necessary and helpful aspect of society. By punishing those deviants on the outskirts of society the Puritans are able to reinforce the appropriate standards of life.

Erikson does a wonderful job explaining the sociology of deviance in New England Puritan society while making it applicable to other societies throughout history. The examination of deviance in Puritan society illuminates how deviance is an important part of culture. Anyone interested in deviance would be interested in this book, especially if history interests you as well.
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