Year of grace : a novel

by Margaret Hope Bacon

Other authorsDavid Budman (Designer), Nate Terrell (Photographer)
Paperback, 2002



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Philadelphia, Pa. : Quaker Press of Friends General Conference, c2002.

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Beautifully written novel about the last fifteen months of life of a 76-year-old Quaker woman with cancer who is told she has a year left to live. Faith Smedley traveled to Europe to see some old friends there. Then she spent most of her last year in a cabin in the South Jersey Pine Barrens with a long-time friend as a companion. The time period is February 1968 through late May 1969. Events of 1968 are mentioned as they relate to Faith’s life and that of her family. Faith spends time reflecting on her own life including its joys and trials, accepts her family members with all of their differences, and remains an active member of her community. She reads letters and journals of some of her ancestors and learns more about them. She shares problems of her marriage with a daughter and later a granddaughter when they are experiencing their own problems.
Quaker values are shown in this novel written by Margaret Hope Bacon, a Quaker historian who had previously written many books about individual Friends and Quaker history.
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