The friendly persuasion

by Jessamyn West

Hardcover, 1945



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New York : Harcourt, Brace, [1945]

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LibraryThing member puttsplace
tale of a Quaker family in Indiana, USA, during the American Civil War. Living in peace with their neighbours of various other Christian sects, the family and each of its members are challenged by the politics and emotions of the war.
LibraryThing member jlcarroll
To fully enjoy a book like The Friendly Persuasion, you must appreciate stories that delve deeply into characters' thoughts and motivations. West's book is, like early Quakers, quiet and contemplative, examining a close-knit family of Friends around the time of American Civil War. But, don't look for much action here. Instead, come ready to think about honest living, individual peculiarities and death both anticipated and unexpected.… (more)
LibraryThing member kaulsu
It's a classic! Of course, we are no longer 19th c. Quakers, but it still gives an accurate picture of who we were and to some extent still are. The movie is quite faithful to the book, but I would still recommend reading over watching and doing both will be optimum!
LibraryThing member mikedraper
The story of a Quaker family in India in the days prior to the Civil War.
The main characters are Indiana Quaker Jess Birdwell, his wife, Eliza and their children, Labe, Josh and Mattie, an 1850 junior miss.
It is interesting to hear the men discuss politics and politicians such as Stephen A. Douglas.
The story moves slowly as if we were witnessing farm life and the growth of crops and getting them ready of market. There is a scene I enjoyed where Jess and his wife take a neighbor to court over a goose. As court begins, the judge tells the bailiff to swear the witness in. Ezra says, "we're Quakers, we do not swear, Quakers affirm. When the Judge tells her this is Ok and questioning begins, the attorney tells her to address the judge as "your honor." She states, "We Quakers, do not make use of such titles, What is thy name? I think thee'll go far in out state and they name's one I'd like to know." The flustered judge agreed and at the end of the case, Ezra won her claim.”
… (more)
LibraryThing member Rock2
Watch the movie.

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