My two grannies

by Floella Benjamin

Other authorsMargaret Chamberlain (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2009



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London : Frances Lincoln Children's, 2009.

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LibraryThing member sarahwarner329
I feel that My Two Grannies is a very well written and illustrated children’s book. The character, Alvina has two grandmothers from different backgrounds and cultures. Thus, readers can get a glimpse of multiculturalism within families. I think that is extremely important for children to be aware of differences either within their selves or amongst their peers. Additionally, at the beginning of the story, the grandmothers wanted to do everything with their granddaughter their own way through their culture. However, the little girl insisted that they take turns because she loved both of her grandmother’s cultures. This provides a very important message for young readers. It is saying that no one should have to pick which aspect of his or her diversity they like best; they should embrace every part of who he or she is. In addition to the text being meaningful throughout this book, the illustrations did as well. The art really brought the message together because readers are able to see the difference of skin color, clothing, food, etc. between the grandmothers. The main idea is to embrace diversity and believe this book, through the text and pictures, demonstrates that well.… (more)
LibraryThing member rpazmino-calligan
This story is great because it focuses on multicultural families. The two grannies have to share their granddaughter, and they fight over her very much when her parents go out of town. But, they end up liking eachother and sharing recipes and their granddaughter. The story line really showed how different people, cultures, and families can get along and collaborate.… (more)
LibraryThing member pduste1
My Two Grannies is a lovable picture book that focuses on multicultural families. I really enjoyed this book due to its childlike portrayal of the grannies and its subject on multicultural families. Throughout the story the grannies act like children, which I liked because it made the story more relatable to children. For example, there is a point in the story when the grannies are arguing like children over who gets to watch their granddaughter for that day. They go on saying, “The grannies argued and argued about who would look after Alvina.” Accompanied with this text is a picture of the two grannies yelling like children. I also enjoyed this book because it focused on multicultural families. The book explains, “Granny Vero was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Granny Rose was born in the Yorkshire town of Barnsley.” I have a personal connection with this because I have two grannies from different countries. The main idea of this story is having a multicultural family. All in all, this book was wonderful.… (more)



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