Small is possible

by George McRobie

Other authorsCraig Dodd (Cover designer), Verena Schumacher (Foreword)
Hardcover, 1981



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London : J. Cape, 1981.

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Through his book "Small is Beautiful" Fritz Schumacher lead the world into a new paradigm away from bigness and into technologies of human scale. Yet today the world around us is full of massive corporations, the overwhelming power of multinational corporations and global businesses that make the new paradigm seem ever more at the mercy of smoke filled board rooms thousands of miles away. More than ever we need the small is beautiful worldview. How refreshing therefore to find that this book catalogues businesses and organizations around the world which are promoting this concept and trying their best to turn it into reality. They encourage us to create lifestyles and use technologies that are low in capital cost, sparing in their use of resources, non-violent towards nature and - most important of all - sustainable. With the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development sponsored by the United Nations starting in 2005, the lessons and work of these organizations is invaluable and should form part of the new curriculum. This book is what we need to convert fine thoughts into action. With this book we can locate like-minded people and firms to discuss problems and seek out solutions. This book will help the person of modest means wrest back some of the power lost to big corporations. Hazel Henderson tells us that "George McRobie gives us a down-to-earth, flesh-and-blood account of Schumacher's unique philosophy in action and the fruits of their long-term collaboration." (by David-Leonard Willis from… (more)


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