Love you forever

by Robert Munsch

Other authorsSheila McGraw (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2018



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Buffalo, NY : Firefly Books, 2018.

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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Okay, I know, I know, giving this book five stars is about the laziest throwaway rating possible, and there may be some who prefer the lack of illusions in The Giving Tree, which shows this kind of absolute devotion stripped of its gauze, but the fact that Munsch here gets away with the soft-focus treatment is salutary. There is a time for sentimentality, and it is reading this book. Emmett loves to sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with the mother and her son and sing along with the song, although I have to be careful not to read it to him nights when his mum's at work or he gets distressed. I love the mum's big eyes when she sneaks up to her kid's bed, and how late-eighties the kid is in all the drawings (all "Sunny D! Thanks mom!") and I love that there's no going back, and as long as I'm living, my baby Emmett will be. It focuses the mind. It means--not that the book gets into these waters, because it is a paean to one bond and one only--that every day I need to get up and try hard to smile and bear up under all the anger and bad blood that his mum and I can't seem to overcome, because he's her baby forever too. Robert Munsch wrote this book after he lost his baby. It gets five stars.… (more)
LibraryThing member rfewell
This book is way too freaky. I think the message of unconditional love is great, but the mother in the story has major boundary issues... sneaking her adult child's home while he sleeps! EWWWW!
LibraryThing member BookConcierge
Illustrations by Sheila McGraw

A mother’s love knows no bounds. As she rocks her infant son, cradled in her arms, she sings of her eternal love
I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be.

As the child grows to toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, the mother continues to express this enduring love. It’s a lovely sentiment and certainly one that every child deserves to feel – safe and secure, knowing his mother will love him no matter what, and throughout his lifetime.

But …

Munsch takes this a step too far by having the Mom in this case, crawl into her son’s bedroom and cradle him as he sleeps … throughout his life! I know that children’s picture books frequently rely on repetition and that themes and situations are frequently repeated. Children love this style, and for the most part, so do I. But there is something “off” about this scenario.

Sheila McGraw’s illustrations are delightful – or most of them are. I liked her drawings of the boy as he grew, and especially liked how she continued to show the cat and the boy’s Teddy bear. But as she tried her best to illustrate the relationship between the adult son and his older mother … well, she had that weird story line to contend with. A drawing of the mother driving through the night, a ladder strapped to the roof of her car so she could climb in the adult son’s window is just too much.

I think other authors have dealt with this theme more successfully.… (more)
LibraryThing member mgiffin
This book shows a mothers love for her baby boy. Every night the mother sings a song to her baby boy as she rocks him to sleep. It shows her son growing up and how they show their love for each other. In the end the boy is all grown up and the times have changed as the boy rocks his old mother singing the same song she sung to him as a baby.… (more)
LibraryThing member jaimie919
I will love you forever, I will like you always, as long as your living my baby you'll be. A mother sings this to her new born baby boy. As this little boy grows and grows his mother continues to rock him and sing the song. Even when he is an adult and moved out she would drive just to rock him. As the mother grew older she became very sick and could even finsh the song while she was on the phone with her son. So he drives to his mother and picks her up in his arms and rocks and sings the song. When he gets home he goes to a room and picks up his baby girl and then sings the same song his mother sung to him. This book teaches children about love. It shows that no matter how much you grow your parents will always love you.… (more)
LibraryThing member ChelseaGriffin
Love You Forever is a fun read for children and parents that has wonderful pictures and a great story!
LibraryThing member mrsarey
This is a classic story- great to read on Mother's Day. It is also good for teaching prediction and writing organization.
LibraryThing member kshielee
This is a good example of realistic fiction because the setting is contemporary and the story relates to children's lives. The setting of this story is in modern times, but is pretty undescript as to when exactly it is happening, which makes the book more universal and fit for more people.
LibraryThing member beckyhill
It's the story of the growth of a boy into a man, and the undying love of a parent for their child. The only characters are the mother and her son, and very briefly his son when he is older. The plot follows the son from an infant through childhood and into adulthood, and how his mother's love for him never changes, which is also the theme of the book. The song that is repeated throughout the story shows the theme, and is also a good tool for helping children learn to read through repetition. The illustrations are descriptive of the story and help with character development. It is a must read and quite popular, and would be included in my collection.… (more)
LibraryThing member champlin
Picture Book. This heart-warming book is about a mother and child. The mother raises the child and they when she gets old the child takes care of the mother. This is a great book that explore the relationship between a mother and son as the years pass. I would use this book to explore relationships and growing older.
LibraryThing member stharp
Truly one of my favorite books of all time. I read this book with my Mother when I was little, so when I stumbled across it I couldn't help myself but to read it again. This book is an excellent example of realistic fiction, but a part of me hopes that in someone's life it becomes their historical fiction. But for categorical purposes, it is realistic fiction, it DEFINITELY could happen in real life. What makes this such a high rating is the characterization. The portrayal of both the mother and the son is just so excellent it fills you up relating with your family and your Mother.… (more)
LibraryThing member glanecia
This book brings me close to tears every time I read it. It's a very touching story of love, and how a mother's love passed down to her son, and then to her granddaughter, through a simple song. Very beautiful, indeed.
LibraryThing member ejhamilton
This is my all time favorite children's book. It is so sweet. I love this book, it is great for kids because they all love their mommy's. I think this book is good even for 4th graders. The book goes through an entire lifetime( in ages) so all children could relate.
LibraryThing member Charlee526
A really sweet book. It goes though the cycle of life! great for adults and children!
LibraryThing member jhsmith
I love this book. It teaches unconditional love. It teaches the reader to be understanding. It would be a very good bedtime story.
LibraryThing member kmsteen
This is a very sweet book about a mother that takes care of her son and then in return he takes care of his mother. This book could be used to read to students to talk about aging and that one day their parents will be old. I like this book a lot and I think it has a really sweet story.
LibraryThing member cctaylor1
This book shows the love of a mother for her son. Although she may not always understand he crazy young boy but she always late at night crawls across his floor and if the boy was truly asleep she picked him up in her arms and rocked him back and forth back and forth and as she did it she sang. When the woman is too old to pick him up the boy picks his mom up and rocks her back and forth and sings the song. It shows a strong connection and the love between a mother and son.… (more)
LibraryThing member khiley1
This book is the first book that I bought when I found out I was having a baby. I have read it to my son since he was small, and he can basically "read" it even though he is only four. It is the book he asks for most often at bedtime. It shows the bond that a mother and child can have, and makes you want to read it over and over again. A true gem!… (more)
LibraryThing member HeatherSwinford
This book is always a sad read. Children need to be exposed to death and this is a good way of depicting it in a loving way.
LibraryThing member claseliteratura
I liked the book a lot. This is the story of a young women that loves his son as he goes throuhg the stages of chilhood and becomes a man. It also chows the love of parents for their kids.
LibraryThing member whitneyharrison
This book shows the relationship of a boy and his mom and how their relationships changes and they both grow older. Many kids will find it interesting that maybe they will take care of their parents.
LibraryThing member aswideman
Love you forever is a cute book to read to students to show them that no matter how they act or misbehave, their parents truly care and love them and one day they will feel the same way about their children.
LibraryThing member ksjeffcoat
This book is about a mother who always rocked his son until she got too old and he rocked her. The son ends up rocking his baby daughter just like his mother did. This book could be read to young children. The illustrations show exactly what they story is telling.
LibraryThing member sapphiregirl19
This book tells a story about a baby that grows up to a man and it shows that no matter how old he gets, his mother will always love him. It starts off with a baby and his mother singing him a lullaby. When he grew up to a toddler and a teenager, he drove his mother crazy. But she always sang him the lullaby and held him in her arms after he falls asleep at night. She keeps doing this every night, even when the boy grows up to be a man and moves into another house. But when the mother gets really old and sick, the man starts to hold her and sing her a lullaby and when he goes home, the man sings to his baby daughter the same lullaby.

I've always loved this book, even when I was a little kid. It shows that a mother's love never dies, even when you're all grown up. The pictures are done well and I like that there are great details in it as well, for example when he trashed the bathroom as a toddler.

This is a good book to read to kids when they are learning about growing up, from being a baby to an adult. This is also a good book to read on Mother's day.
… (more)
LibraryThing member msequeira06
Genre: realistic fiction because everything that happens in the story is possible in real-life. Story consists of very possible relationship between mother and son, however it is fictional. Media: watercolor, pencil

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