The journal of George Fox

by George Fox

Other authorsWilliam Penn (Character sketch), Rufus M. Jones (Introduction), Norman Penny (Preface)
Hardcover, 1962



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B FOX JON 1962


London : J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., [1962].

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George Fox was the founder of the Society of Friends, and his journal, written during his incarceration, is the central document of Quakerism. This book, written in a style of simplicity and lucidity, describes Fox's religious conversion, his visions, and the persecution of the early Quakers. This is an edited and annotated edition of the journals, incorporating a wide range of recent discoveries about the early history of Quakerism, which has considerable bearing on the way Fox's book was posthumously asssembled.

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LibraryThing member 3wheeledlibrarian
First, a head's up. This text is available from Project Gutenberg, including Jones' very informative notes.

I have given this five stars because it has really shaken me and affirmed my understanding of humanity. While I am not a Quaker, I do believe deeply in the ability of each and every person to
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communicate and be instructed by God. I highly recommend this book for both seekers and believers. Prepare to be impressed with the strength and the courage of this Saint.
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LibraryThing member PJCWLibrary
Written with the help of his son-in-law

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B FOX JON 1962


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