Mr. Bear and the robbers

by Chizuko Kuratomi

Other authorsKo zo Kakimoto
Paperback, 1971



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London : Macdonald, 1971.

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LibraryThing member TomKitten
It had been almost thirty years since I'd laid eyes on a copy of Mr. Bear and the Robbers but I've never forgotten this very funny picture book, so I was delighted to have a chance to read it once again this week. Our story: One night, Mr. Bear happens upon a gang of rabbit robbers burgling a house while the residents are sleeping. The robbers tell him they're taking the things to "fix up as a surprise for the rabbits who live in the cottage." Mr. Bear offers to help and finishes cleaning out the house, "even the kitchen stove." He then hauls the robbers' cart, laden with the stolen goods and the robbers themselves, to their mountain lair. There he spends the night cleaning, repairing and painting every last item. In the morning he insists the robbers accompany him back to the house to return everything. The homeowners are so grateful to Mr. Bear and the robbers that they throw a party for them. And, in a wonderful two page spread, we see, the residents of the house and Mr. Bear celebrating with abandon while the robbers look as guilty and chagrined as any rabbits could ever be. The caption reads, "So they all stayed for the party. Mr. Bear had a wonderful time."
In the somewhat limited hall of fame of hilarious picture books about burglary, restoration and redemption, this one's right up there with Janet and Allan Ahlberg's Burglar Bill.
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