The island of the Skog

by Steven Kellogg

Other authorsSteven Kellog (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1977


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(London) : F. Warne, 1977.

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LibraryThing member kcsutherland
Jenny and her mouse friends are ready for a change, so they travel by seas in search of a more peaceful place to live. After a long voyage, they find the island of their dreams. There is only one problem, the island is inhabited by the Skog. They believe the Skog is a huge threat judging by its large footprints in the sand.
LibraryThing member slrice
The story is of a group of mice who are constantly engaging in conflict with the family cat. Finally becoming fed up with the dangers of living with a cat the mice decide to set out on a journey, in which they will find a new home and peace. They pack their belongings and set sail for Skog Island. Once on the island the mice realize the skog may be imposing immediate danger to them. They find ways to protect themselves and the story ends with them as friends.… (more)
LibraryThing member srfox
This story tells of a group of young mice trying to find a better home for themselves. They partake on an adventure and sail to an island far away. They are surprised when they find that there is another creature, the skog, living amongst them, and try to scare it off! At the end of the book, after many tactics to scare the Skog away, they are happy to find it was just a little creature that was afraid of them! They all become the best of friends!… (more)
LibraryThing member jgabica
This fantasy book has a moral for children: communication prevents misunderstandings and provides a foundation for friendships. The mice sail away to an island to escape dangers and defend themselves from a skog without needing to. Media:Ink and fill, watercolor
LibraryThing member kazylstra
About a family of rats that are taken from their home and have to figure out how to survive.
LibraryThing member hokonow
Kellogg's story is an adventurous tale about a group of mice, led by a strong female mouse named Jenny, who travel across the ocean to find a new place to live. Upon arriving at an island inhabited by a "skog," they fear that the skog is an angry creature, and they work together to make elaborate plans to take over the island from the skog. After realizing that the skog is really a small animal dressed in a large, scary costume, they decide to share the island and live together as one big family. This story is not only about adventure and encountering new places and people, but its endearing ending shows the importance of sharing and cooperating with others.… (more)
LibraryThing member ReadAloudDenver
A group of mice decide to sail away to sea and escape the stressful city life of being hunted down by cats and dogs. They reach the Island of Skog and fear what they don't know about the Skog. Both theirs and the Skog's imaginations go wild with fear leading them to act in ways that are harmful. This book has a rich vocabulary of words including narrow escape, general, commander-in-chief, declared, ignoring, harbor, bravely, tanned their pelts, compass, discovered, iceberg, North Pole, captain, business, supplies, convinced, suddenly, freedom, murmurs, cannonballs, waded, cautiously, enormous, footprint, stumble, bait, aloft, volunteer, sand dune, shadowy figure, confessed, plunged, flapping, orchestra and national anthem.… (more)
LibraryThing member orale
I can use this book to show the impportance of team work. How important is not anticipate events and get in panic. Also has a good academic vocabulary.
LibraryThing member dukefan86
Not my favorite Steven Kellogg book, but still cute. :)
LibraryThing member jcofsky
When Jenny and her other mice friends decide they want to move away to a more peaceful place, they finally settle, after sailing, to the Island of the Skog. But, what they find when they get there is this island is only inhabited by the Skog itself, a terrifying creature to these little mice. When the mice battle with the skog over who gets to live on the island, the mice discover that the skog is not a big scary creature after all and they all end up living on the island happily together.… (more)
LibraryThing member hannahbk
I felt that this book was very well written. It was also cute and silly the way it was written from the perspective of mice. I loved the moral behind the story and the pictures really made it come alive.

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