A Practical Mysticism: How Quaker process opens us to the promptings of the divine

by Elizabeth Meyer

Other authorsCarol Holmes (Editor), Mary Helgesen Gabel (Designer)
Pamphlet, 2018



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CP 453


Wallingford PA: Pendle Hill Publications, 2018.

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This excellent pamphlet is a practical guide to help us make our Quaker meeting for business into a mystical experience. Yes, really. All it takes is a spiritual faithful approach and good Quaker process.
We live in such a secular world, full of secular process and pressure for worldly results, that it is too easy to fall into secular ways. We feel time pressure and fall into impatience with our pace and even with each other. Even if we make satisfactory decisions, we aren't deeply moved and united by the Spirit. Instead, when attending meeting for worship with attention to business becomes a spiritual discipline, an opportunity for centering in deep worship and opening to Divine connection and guidance, we open ourselves to the love and joy of spiritual community and communion.
With her description of twelve Friendly practices that are part of the Quaker business meeting process and several advices, Meyer invites Friends into a renewed commitment to worship each time we attend to business. This pamphlet will help many Friends to do so.
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CP 453


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