Private testimony and public policy : an individual view of the international predicament

by Phillips Ruopp

Pamphlet, 1959



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CP 105


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, [1959]

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Ruopp advocates, in 1959, for a foreign policy to reduce the threats of nuclear war, Soviet totalitarianism, and world poverty, based on pacifist principles. It is interesting to see the issues and programs that are still completely relevant all these decades later, such as the temptation of small states to build their own nuclear bombs, the need for standards of international conduct and enforcement on the reduction and non-use of nuclear weapons, and of course the reduction of world poverty. He advocates for world government. Some of his program has been developed, such as UN peacekeeping forces, but we know the development of "global order" has proceeded along some very worrisome ways. So this is interesting and even possibly enlightening to compare with the current situation. As he says, in the era of nuclear weapons, never before has the nonviolent alternative to war had the practical (and urgent) relevance it now has.… (more)

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CP 105


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