A natural unfolding

by Donna Eder

Pamphlet, 2019



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CP 457


Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill Publications, 2019.

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Eden tells the story of her spiritual path, marked by grief and loss matched by acceptance and the blooming of love, a mystical experience of boundless love and bliss, growing awareness of the inner source of knowing, a challenging process of opening to the guidance of the Spirit, faithfulness to a leading, building a loving spiritual community through her leading, integrating her work with her spiritual life, and in all these processes finding her way to wholeness and spiritual wisdom.
While it is her own unique story, it illustrates and fills out the universal story of spiritual growth, with elements and lessons that can provide helpful insights to others. Her description of how journaling, dream-interpretation, and retreats were richly productive for her awareness and transformation illustrates the essential role of spiritual disciplines.
Eden's pamphlet provides an example of the spiritual path as a process of spiritual growth, commitment, and transformation. While everone's path is unique, such a clear and focused example can both inform and inspire each of us on our own way.
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CP 457


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