The Easter Story

by Brian Wildsmith

Paperback, 2021



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Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2021.

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The story of the last days of Jesus' life, the crucifixion, and the resurrection, as seen through the eyes of a small donkey.

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LibraryThing member SunshyneBuckarma
In “The Easter Story” Brian Wildsmith retells Jesus’ plight in the city of Jerusalem, through the eyes of the loyal donkey that carried him. It follows the donkey and Jesus through Holy Week, Jesus’ death and finally his glorious resurrection at Easter. “The Eater Story” would be
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suitable for the ages of about 6 to 9, as the text is kept relatively simple and there’s not a lot of it. The beautiful, watercolor art work, which is interspersed with flecks of gold and other metallic colors is definitely the focal point of this book. Thus the detailed, colorful illustrations fill up every page. What really strikes me about “The Easter Story” is the way Wildsmith has painted the angels that appear in a majority of the book. Hence their wings and clothing feature an array of colors and contain elaborate patterns; they’re truly stunning. I think children will be captivated by these illustrations, and they will also learn a bit about Jesus and Christianity through this touching story.
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LibraryThing member MarthaL
Gorgeous illustrations highlighted in gold. Beautifully blended pastel backgrounds contrast nicely with the richly hued detailed characters in the foreground. Biblically accurate but for the little donkey's point of view..
LibraryThing member mirikayla
I don't think it even matters what the text says in Brian Wildsmith's books. His illustrations are the entire point of reading them, and they are just gorgeous.
LibraryThing member sbentz
Exquisite illustrations, with gold foil. These are actually so beautiful I bought a second book and have framed several of the pages. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Celebrated British children's author and artist Brian Wildsmith turns to the Easter story in this gorgeous picture-book, telling the tale of Easter Week from the perspective of the donkey which bears Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Jesus' actions at the Temple, his Last Supper with the
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disciples, his betrayal by Judas and trial before Pontius Pilate, all these are covered, as are his Crucifixion, Resurrection and eventual Ascension...

I had hoped to get to The Easter Story before the recent holiday, but my library request for this and a few other titles was delayed, and I read it a few days after Easter. It scarcely matters, I suppose, as I think I would have enjoyed it, no matter the time of year. From a visual perspective, I found it an astonishingly beautiful book - the art is simply breathtaking, with vivid colors, brilliant use of gold tones and accents, and wonderfully stylized scenes. I loved pretty much everything about these paintings, from the angels to the landscape depictions of Jerusalem. If judged upon artwork alone, this would easily be a five-star title for me. Unfortunately, I found the narrative a little less appealing. Although I understand the choice to tell this story from the donkey's perspective, as a means of adding child appeal, I don't think it really works here. I recently read two different picture-books about Palm Sunday, specifically - Marni McGee's The Colt and the King and Michelle Medlock Adams's Little Colt's Palm Sunday - in which the story was told from the asinine perspective. It worked in those books, because the donkey does play a central role in Palm Sunday. But here, the presence of the donkey in various scenes - peering in the window at the Last Supper, observing the trial - strained my suspension of disbelief, and made me wish that Wildsmith had chosen a different focus for his retelling. I still would recommend this one, for those seeking children's retellings of the Easter story, but I recommend it more for the artwork and the general story, than for the specific storytelling focus.
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