Quakerism : a theology for our time

by Patricia A Williams

Paperback, 2008



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Infinity Publishing.com (2008), Paperback, 216 pages

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LibraryThing member GregorC
This book offers a very inclusive look at some of the most important aspects underpinning Quakerism. By clearly positioning Quakerism against the more established hierarchies of Catholicism, Protestantism and orthodoxy/fundamentalism Williams is able to foreground the apparent future proofing that
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Fox and in particular Barclay provided in they consideration of where Quakerism sits on the Bible, Jesus, Science and The Holy Spirit which it positions as the Light within us all.

One caveat I acknowledge with this work is that it is American and I felt that Williams let Capitalism off too lightly and that her angle on Quakerism begins to sound a little like the chorus of American exceptional-ism. Fox and Barclay would be quick to demur that Quakers are human too, and still full of flaws.

However I did find this book very useful as a primer and thought provoker and I am sure this is very much in the intention of the author. Well recommended.
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