Brothers (Legacies of the Ancient River #2/3)

by Angela Elwell Hunt

Paperback, 1997



Call number

18 Hun


Bethany House Publishers (1997), 368 pages


Fiction. Literature. Romance. HTML:

As famine overtakes the land, Simeon leads his brothers into Egypt to buy grain. He doesn't recognize the vengeful ruler he must bow before: Joseph, his long-lost brother. The very brother Simeon sold into slavery years ago. Now, it is the brash Simeon's turn to know imprisonment. Only Mandisa, the handmaid who interprets the ruler's language, is his saving grace. The beautiful widow and her young son see another side of Simeon, tenderness under the tough exterior. Yet he will never be free to love them until he unshackles the chains of his own heart.



Call number

18 Hun
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