The Message: Old Testament History Books

by Eugene H. Peterson (Editor)

Hardcover, 2002



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Navpress Publishing Group (2002), Edition: First Edition, First Printing, 483 pages


Among ancient people, no one was more interested in history than the Hebrews. In fact, they were the world's first historians. But their historical records reveal far more than a chronology of significant events; they reveal how the events related to God. God was constantly active and involved in the lives of his people. He was always and everywhere working his will, evoking faith and obedience, and showing his love and compassion -- just as he does in our lives.Thankfully, to our benefit, the Hebrews' accounts were recorded. By observing how God and our ancestors dealt with each other, we learn valuable lessons that still apply now, so many years later. In The Message: Old Testament History Books, Eugene Peterson recounts the Bible's historical books (Joshua through Esther) in the language we use today.Come, celebrate as Joshua, a man of courage and strength, leads the people of Israel in settling the Promised Land. Watch as God weaves the quiet, ordinary life of Ruth into his great plan of salvation. Observe God's way of dealing with human sin as Saul's arrogance and disobedience cost him his dynasty. Join King David on his path of both sweet prosperity and bitter failure. And rejoice as the wise Solomon builds the long-awaited temple and dedicates it to God.Though these events took place long ago, Peterson's vivid, easy-to-read paraphrase brings them to life in the present, helping us relate God's eternal truths to our contemporary world.… (more)



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