The President

by Parker Hudson

Hardcover, 1995



Call number

18 Hud


Multnomah Books (1995), Edition: First Edition, 501 pages


Originally published in 1995, The President reads like today's newspaper. Midway through his term, a secularhumanist President becomes a Christian and has to decide how his new worldview must change his policies. His wife, children, siblings, staff and the entire nation grapple with how his new faith informs his actions. Meanwhile, terrorists are plotting to detonate a nuclear warhead in New York. The many strands of the story all come together in Manhattan as the terrorists use the World Trade Towers to launch their attack, the center of action is a place called Ground Zero and one of the characters yells, "Let's Roll" near the end. The President is a gripping action thriller with a strong Christian message for the individual and the nation.… (more)



Call number

18 Hud
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