Sea to Shining Sea (Journals of Corrie #5/8)

by Michael Phillips

Paperback, 1992



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18 Phi


Bethany House Pub (1992), Edition: Reprint, 320 pages


"As the election of 1860 draws near and political tensions between the North and South threaten to escalate into a full-scale war, Corrie Belle Hollister finds herself thrust into the political arena. Her reputation as California's Woman Reporter and her vain attempts to help Colonel John Fremont in the presidential election of 1856 have brought her to the attention of the leaders of California's new Republican Party. And the handsome young political aide, Cal Burton, helps to convince Corrie that Lincoln, and even the nation itself, depend upon the influence she can wield through her speaking and writing. Mounting conflict within the Hollister clan and in the nation at large bring Corrie to the realization that the decisions she makes could change her life forever", veiwed April 20, 2012.… (more)



Call number

18 Phi
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