Waterfalls (Glenbrooke #6/8)

by Robin Jones Gunn

Paperback, 2000



Call number

18 Gun


Multnomah Publishers (1998), 296 pages


Fiction. Literature. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML:Meredith Graham's job as a children's book acquisitions editor takes her to Glenbrooke, Oregon, where she meets the only man who has ever made her heart leap: Jacob Wilde. Trouble is, his heart doesn't seem to be leaping in response to hers. But then, Jake's a movie star. Out of her league. Still, she can't get him out of her mind. So when circumstances continue to throw the two of them together, Meri decides to pull out all the stops to win her "dream man" ‚?? but all of her schemes can't prepare her for what happens when they meet again in this bestselling former Palisades release, now book six in the new Glenbrooke series by award-winning author Robin Jones Gunn. Fun-loving Meri Graham has never met her match‚?¶ until now? Meredith‚??s trip to Glenbrooke , Oregon , takes a decidedly interesting turn when she finds herself sharing a picnic with a man who makes her heart beat in triple time. Pretty, spunky, Meri has never had a problem holding her own with attractive men. But when she discovers her picnic partner is movie star Jacob Wilde, she loses her characteristic cool, puts her foot in her mouth, and ruins everything! The next time she meets Jacob, the tables are turned. He‚??s written some children‚??s books and wants her company to publish them. As acquisitions editor, Meri‚??s the woman he needs to impress. She‚??s more than willing to let him work at it. When Meri lands an unexpected walk-on role in a film, Jacob finally begins to see her in a different light‚??and discovers what it feels like t… (more)




Call number

18 Gun
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