By My Hands: A medical suspense novel

by Alton Gansky

Paperback, 1996



Call number

18 Gan


Victor Books (1996), 320 pages


"Something strange is happening at Kingston Memorial Hospital, and Dr. Rachel Tremaine has been ordered to get to the bottom of it. All she has to go on is the fact that several patients have been healed - completely, and without medical intervention. While others may consider it "miraculous," Rachel's highly trained, scientific mind is unwilling to concede that. And the hospital wants answers - believable answers. When one of Reverend Adam Bridgers parishioners is suddenly healed - and subsequently disappears - he launches his own investigation. Who is behind these mysterious healings, and why do the healed patients all vanish? Is this an act of God or an incredible hoax? Rachel and Adam make the most unlikely teams. But though they have little in common, they both have a lot of the same questions - especially when it comes to miracles. And the search for answers may be far more dangerous than either is prepared for."--Publisher's description.… (more)



Call number

18 Gan
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