Who I Am (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin - #3/5)

by Melody Carlson

Paperback, 2002



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19A Car


Multnomah (2002), Edition: 1, 256 pages


Young Adult Fiction. Young Adult Literature. HTML:It's challenging enough to be a normal high school senior ?? but Caitlin O'Conner has a host of new difficulties to deal with in the third book of Melody Carlson's widely popular and fascinating teen series. Time is critical to help the orphans in Mexico, missions-minded Caitlin believes, but Mom and Dad are set on her attending college. Meanwhile, her relationship with Josh takes on a serious tone via e-mail ?? threatening her commitment to "kiss dating goodbye." When Beanie begins dating an African-American, Caitlin's concern over dating seems to be misread as racism. One thing is obvious: God is at work through this dynamic girl in very real but puzzling ways. A soul-stretching time of racial reconciliation at school and within her church helps her discover God's will as never b… (more)



Call number

19A Car
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