Betrayed (Jennie McGrady Mystery Series #7/15)

by Patricia H. Rushford

Paperback, 1996



Call number

19A Rus


Bethany House Publishers (1996), 188 pages


Jennie McGrady is anxious to fly to Montana after her uncle, a full-blooded Indian and the owner of Dancing Water Ranch in Montana, is injured by a bomb explosion meant to kill. Jennie's determined to solve the crime, but her instincts tell her she's not in friendly territory.Heather White Cloud is a beautiful Indian princess with a less-then-noble attitude. Jennie had hoped to befriend her cousin, but Heather's as cold as ice and determined to escape the home she calls a prison.Chad Elliot came to Montana to reclaim the land his grandfather once owned--Dancing Waters Ranch. He's lost his case in court, but has he decided to take the law into his own hands?How deep does revenge run?



Call number

19A Rus
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