Falling Up (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Kim - #3/4)

by Melody Carlson

Paperback, 2006



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Multnomah (2006), 272 pages


Romance. Young Adult Fiction. Young Adult Literature. HTML:Answer Girl Has a Zillion Questions. And Zero Answers Kim Peterson, the Just Ask Jamie ďanswer girlĒ is about plum out of them. As if losing her mother to cancer wasnít enough, the hits just keep coming. Now living with Kim and her father, her aunt and cousin bicker nonstop. Dating Matthew is about as unpredictable as can be. Her dadís out of a job. Her prayers go unanswered. And her best friend Natalie loses her virginity to Benjamin OíConner, Caitlinís brother! Andóp.s.ónow sheís pregnant! When the world turns upside down, and Kim is about to fall apart, can she perhaps fall up? Straight into the arms of the One who loves her through the madness of life? Friday, June 7 I think Iím having a serious meltdown here. Itís like Iím unable to reason, I canít think straight, and I canít get my feelings under control. Even my prayers are pathetic, just hopeless cries for help, with no faith involved. Iím a mess. How much stress can a girl take? Kim Petersonís mom has just died. Her visiting relatives bicker constantly. Her dad is lost in a fog of grief. Her boyfriend, Matthew, canít decide what to do after graduation. And Kimís best friend Nat just canít seem to get over being dumped by Ben OíConner, Caitlinís younger brother. More than anything, Kim wishes her mom were here to tell her everythingís going to be okay. But thatís not going to happen. When Kim reaches the breaking point, her dad sends her off to her grandmotherís house in small-town Florida, where sheís able to slow down, feed the gators, and realize that sheís not indispensable...only God is! And instead of falling apart, she can fall up...into His arms. Readerís guide included Story Behind the Book ďMy teenage years remain vivid in my mind. It was a turbulent time full of sharp contrastsólove and hate, pain and pleasure, trust and doubt. Then, just as I reached my peak of questioning, rebelling, and seeking, I found God. And I found Him in a really big way! My life turned completely around and has, thankfully, never turned back. Hopefully this story will touch and change heartsóspeaking to teen girls right where they live, reminding readers that God is alive and well and ready to be intimately involved in their lives right now!Ē óMelody Carlson.… (more)



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