Coming Attractions (Katie Weldon Series - #3/4)

by Robin Jones Gunn

Paperback, 2009



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19A Gun


Zondervan (2009), Edition: Katie Weldon Series, 304 pages


Fantasy. Fiction. Literature. Historical Fiction. HTML: Are you serious? And when Katie asks the question, will she believe the answer? Katie Weldon has only one more semester before she becomes a college graduate. The future is on her doorstep, and she's eager for answers to what's next. Rick is at the top of her list. She's ready for the future of their relationship to be finalized---or so she thinks. Is she really ready to make a serious commitment? Could it be that God is asking her the same question about her relationship with him? The third book in the Katie Weldon Series reunites the Christy Miller gang as Katie learns about relationships, change, and moving on in life..



Call number

19A Gun
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