Departures: Now Boarding at Gate 10 (Christy Miller)/Please Pick Up the White Courtesy Phone (Cooper Ellis)/In the Event of a Water Landing (Sierra Jensen)

by Robin Jones Gunn

Paperback, 1999



Call number

19A Gun


Bethany House Publishers (1999), 272 pages


Young Adult Fiction. Young Adult Literature. HTML:Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen cross paths on their way to summer vacations that reveal what a gift it is to have a true Forever Friend. Now Boarding at Gate 10 After her high school graduation, still aching from Todd‚??s departure, Christy joins her family on a trip to Wisconsin to visit relatives. While there, she reunites with Matthew, an old friend from junior high. When Matthew starts to show a romantic interest in Christy, she realizes this summer vacation could change everything she thought her future would be.   In the Event of a Water Landing Fifteen-year-old Sierra Jensen can‚??t wait to spend her summer vacation with her friend Jana at a pristine lake in Montana. But when they arrive, it becomes clear that Jana‚??s only interest is acquiring a boyfriend. Sierra just wants to hang out with the guys as friends, but Jana turns every encounter into a possible romantic relationship. As their friendship begins to s… (more)



Call number

19A Gun
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