The Justice

by Angela Hunt

Paperback, 2015



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18 Hun


Hunthaven Press (2015), Edition: 3, 366 pages


The first female president takes her vow . . . Silver ¿Book of the Year¿ award winner from Foreord Magazine Daryn Austin, political princess and daughter of a Georgia governor, has always dreamed of being the first female president of the United States. In November, she and Craig Parker, an independent, win the national election and Daryn moves into the Vice Presidential mansion. On June 6, however, destiny propels Daryn to the pinnacle of power when Parker dies unexpectedly. She now controls the White House, but she must tread carefully if she is to win the next election and implement real change in American society. To help her through political and legal quagmires, she hires Paul Santana, the brilliant lawyer she had loved while attending law school. When she nominates Paul to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, however, her grand plans begin to crumble. After being influenced by another justice, the man she loves begins to love God, a rival with whom Daryn cannot compete. Daryn¿s obsession with the changed Paul leads to an emotionally charged battle of wills from which neither can escape unscathed.… (more)



Call number

18 Hun
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