Memory's Gate (Time Thriller Trilogy - #3/3)

by Paul McCusker

Paperback, 2009



Call number

19A Mcc


Zondervan (2009), 208 pages


The Time Thriller Trilogy delivers gripping, fast-paced mystery that intrigues and captivates through hours, seconds, and centuries. A long history of strange disappearances and unexplainable occurrences leave clues that the town of Fawlt Line may actually sit on a time fault--a portal to alternate times and unexpected time travels--a twist of fate that puts all of Fawlt Line's citizens in serious danger. Will they find the faith to hold on to the town and time where they belong?Can truth prevail?Elizabeth thought volunteering at the Fawlt Line Retirement Center would be fun, but she quickly has second thoughts. While most of the residents are wonderful, there's something about the place--and a strangely familiar man in a wheelchair--that gives her the creeps. When people start disappearing from the center, leaving behind cryptic notes, Elizabeth is convinced the time fault is involved. Her own time-travel adventure may be the key to solving the mystery, but can she convince the sheriff she's telling the truth before more people disappear?… (more)



Call number

19A Mcc
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