Without a Trace (Jennie McGrady Mystery series #5/15)

by Patricia H. Rushford

Paperback, 1995



Call number

19A Rus


Bethany House Publishers (1995) 191 pages


A random act or a deadly plot? Jennie McGrady's whirlwind life revolves around one guy: her adorable five-year-old brother, Nick. But when he and a playmate disappear one evening, Jennie's world crashes at her feet. Panic-stricken and racing against time, Jennie begins a frantic journey down a dangerous and shadowy path. Doug Reed has spent his life trying to dodge his own reputation. With a recent move and a new job, he just may leave his past in the dust-except Jennie McGrady has dug up his criminal record, and it's not pretty. Anne Stuart seems to have it all together: a perfect home, a loving husband, and a beautiful little girl. When her daughter disappears and Jennie finds Anne bruised and beaten, the ugly truth begins to seep out, scene by scene.… (more)



Call number

19A Rus
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