The Wager

Other authorsMichael Scott (Producer), Bill Myers (Producer), David Christie (Producer), Nancy Stafford (Actor), Randy Travis (Actor), Jude Ciccolella (Actor), David A. R. White (Producer), Judson Pearce Morgan (Writer), Nancy Valen (Actor), Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis (Producer), Kelly Overton (Actor)
DVD, 2008



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21 Wag


Pure Flix (2008)


Michael Steele is ten days from the biggest night of his life. He has been nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Achieving the height of career success, Michael is quickly cast in the role of a lifetime as the lead character in a classic struggle between good and evil when rumors about his morality and faith run rampant. Will he buckle with temptation or stay true to his beliefs?



Call number

21 Wag
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