Unmasking the New Age: Is there a new religious movement trying to transform Society?

by Douglas Groothuis

Paperback, 1986



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IVP Books (1986), 194 pages


What is the New Age movement? Is it a conspiracy? What can Christians do about it?In the last ten years the New Age has shifted out of the counterculture into the mainstream of society. Today its effects are felt in almost every aspect of life--medicine, politics, science, psychology and even religion.--Fortune 500 corporations routinely send their managers to New Age seminars to expand their minds and increase productivity.--Entertainer Shirley MacLaine has written two best-selling books that chronicle her conversion to the New Age.--Doctors and therapists increasingly employ healing techniques that are based on pantheistic principles.--Even advertisers on radio and television, in tune with New Age ideas, are telling us that we have unlimited potential.Douglas Groothuis explains how the New Age combines Eastern mysticism with Western optimism and why it has become so popular. His thorough, biblical analysis helps Christians know how to respond to this aggressive movement.… (more)



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