Take care of freedom and truth will take care of itself : interviews with Richard Rorty

by Richard Rorty

Other authorsEduardo Mendieta (Editor)
Paper Book, 2006



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CI 6590 I61



Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2006.


This volume collects a number of important and revealing interviews with Richard Rorty, spanning more than two decades of his public intellectual commentary, engagement, and criticism. In colloquial language, Rorty discusses the relevance and nonrelevance of philosophy to American political and public life. The collection also provides a candid set of insights into Rorty's political beliefs and his commitment to the labor and union traditions in this country. Finally, the interviews reveal Rorty to be a deeply engaged social thinker and observer.

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LibraryThing member Darrol
There is much of value in this book. There are several times when I wish that Rorty had expanded on some of his responses. (Sometimes I found Rorty's responses a little too glib.) Somewhat like call in shows on radio and tv, I get very frustrated with the tone of the questions asked, and at times I
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feel like Rorty and the interviewer are talking past each other. There is a very useful bibliography in this volume. As a book, this will not likely be part of my permanent core library, but it will get reread.
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