Utilitarianism ; On Liberty ; Essay on Bentham

by John Stuart Mill

Paper Book, 1962



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CH 6002 U89



London : Fontana, 1985, c1962.


Including three of his most famous and important essays, Utilitarianism, On Liberty, and Essay on Bentham, along with formative selections from Jeremy Bentham and John Austin, this volume provides a uniquely perspicuous view of Mill's ethical and political thought. Contains Mill's most famous and influential works, Utilitarianism and On Liberty as well as his important Essay on Bentham. Uses the 1871 edition of Utilitarianism, the last to be published in Mill's lifetime. Includes selections from Bentham and John Austin, the two thinkers who most influenced Mill. Introduction written by Mary Warnock, a highly respected figure in 20th-century ethics in her own right. Provides an extensive, up-to-date bibliography with the best scholarship on Mill, Bentham and Utilitarianism.… (more)


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352 p.; 20 cm


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