The Crock of Gold

by James Stephens

Paperback, 1995



Call number

HM 4393 C938



Gill & Macmillan Ltd (1995), Edition: New edition, 228 pages


Classic Literature. Fantasy. Fiction. Folklore. HTML: Pass a pleasant afternoon with this delightful collection of short stories. Simple but not simplistic, these diverting tales are rendered in exquisitely rich and often playful language that will have you lingering over sentences and highlighting your favorite passages so you can revisit them again and again. The Crock of Gold is the perfect blend of literary virtuosity and lighthearted fun..

User reviews

LibraryThing member sifaka
An absolute gem of a book. Philosophers, ancient gods, leprechauns, comic policemen.Whimsy, humour and nonsense. All are in here and so much more. This may be very profound or teeming with nonsense and sly digs at " Irishness" but whatever else it is, or is'nt , it is one of my favourite books of
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all time.
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LibraryThing member Crypto-Willobie
Quite a book! a gallimaufry of Blakean cosmography, Celtic Twilight theosophy, satirical use of mythology a la James Branch Cabell, and... I don't know what all. It's not what I'd call well-plotted, and sometimes the 'philosophical' disquisitions can get tangled or drag on... but it all works. It's
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funny, poignant, good natured... not to sound like a hack movie reviewer, it's 'delightful'. Makes me want to read more of this author.
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LibraryThing member antiquary
I still recall my father quoting the philosopher on the oatmeal
"Perfection is finality, finalty isdeath...there's lumps in it."
LibraryThing member drewandlori
Stephens novel, based heavily on Irish folklore, is very good, though his writing style can get a little wearing after a while.
LibraryThing member dbsovereign
A classic about magic and how it can haunt us like a rainbow - remorselessly.
LibraryThing member raizel
Some quotes:
..., for hunger and love and curiosity are the great impelling forces of life. [p. 7]

To understand the theory which underlies all things is not sufficient. Theory is but the preparation for practice. It has occurred to me, brother, that wisdom may not be the end of everything. Goodness
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and kindliness are, perhaps, beyond wisdom. Is it not possible that the ultimate end is gaiety and music and a dance of joy? Wisdom is the oldest of all things. Wisdom is the head and no heart. [p. 12]

A thought is a real thing and words are only its raiment, but a thought is as shy as a virgin; unless it is fittingly appareled we may not look on its shadowy nakedness; .... [p. 39]

Wisdom is righteous and clean, but Love is unclean and holy. [p. 45]
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