Die katholische Kirche und der Holocaust : eine Untersuchung über Schuld und Sühne

by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Other authorsFriedrich Griese (Translator)
Hardcover, 2002



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NQ 2320 G618



Berlin : Siedler, 2002.


In this book Daniel Jonah Goldhagen cuts through the historical and moral fog to lay out the full extent of the Catholic Church's involvement in the Holocaust, transforming a narrow discussion fixated on Pope Pius XII into the long-overdue investigation of the Church throughout Europe. He shows that the Church's and the Pope's complicity in the persecution of the Jews was much deeper than has been understood. The Church's leaders were fully aware of the persecutions and they did not speak out and urge resistance. Instead, they supported many aspects of the persecution. Some clergy even took part in the mass murder. But Goldhagen goes further and develops a new, precise way for assessing the Church and its clergy's culpability. He then shows that the Church has, even according to its own doctrine, an unacknowledged duty of repair. He explores this duty, analyzes the Church's tactics of evasion, and delineates all that the Church must do to repair the harm it inflicted on Jews and to heal itself.… (more)

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LibraryThing member ablueidol
Explores the tensions inherent in a faith based on I am ok, you are not ok to use a TA term and one that does not face the historical fallout of the destructions of the temple on the direction of the early Christians and the breaks with Judaic traditions this entails as well as the rivalry of
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spreading within the roman empire. Also raises the uncomfortable fact that the Nazis views of Jews and of eugenics were more mainstream then we in the post war era like to think. See the moral panic of Imperial Britain as the 1890’s education acts brought to official attention the children with leaning difficulties resulting in the 1913 asylum act and compulsory sterilization. “Simple” women having “bastards” were being compulsory incarcerated as late as 1959 under these Acts
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LibraryThing member OwenGriffiths
Slightly mad attempt to blame the holocaust on the Catholic Church OR a valuable investigation of the broad consent required for true evil to take place.

I have yet to decide which. It is important not to blame Hitler for all the evils of the first half of the century. It is tempting to create some
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sort of evil monster, who bent an unwilling Europe to his wicked will. Harder to stomach is the reality that for evil to triumph millions of good men had to do nothing, or actively take part. Hitler was not a monster, he was another man just like me or you, and many more men, and women, just like us, gave their consent to his programme.
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