Das Lob der Torheit = Encomium moriae

by Desiderius Erasmus

Paperback, 2006



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CE 6304 L796



Stuttgart: Reclam, 2006.


Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536) was a Dutch humanist, scholar, and social critic, and one of the most important figures of the Renaissance. The Praise of Folly is perhaps his best-known work. Originally written to amuse his friend Sir Thomas More, this satiric celebration of pleasure, youth, and intoxication irreverently pokes fun at the pieties of theologians and the foibles that make us all human, while ultimately reaffirming the value of Christian ideals. No other book displays quite so completely the transition from the medieval to the modern world, and Erasmus's wit, wisdom, and critical spirit have lost none of their timeliness today.This Princeton Classics edition of The Praise of Folly features a new foreword by Anthony Grafton that provides an essential introduction to this iridescent and enduring masterpiece.… (more)

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LibraryThing member Angelic55blonde
This is difficult to read because of the satire and the fact the Erasmus wrote a lot between the lines. It is a good read if you can get through it and a must-read for anyone who is an early modern historian or buff.
LibraryThing member gmillar
I tried. This is John Wilson's 1668 translation and I had trouble getting used to reading the useage. It's beautiful language but I still couldn't get going. As we change societally, we change our language. I got the gist of this book and I really like the concept but I am going to look for a
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modern translation.
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LibraryThing member JVioland
Clever. A famous work of the Renaissance, it led to the questioning of absurd abuses of authority in the Church. Some say it laid the groundwork for the Reformation.


Original language


Original publication date

1509 (Original Latin)
1668 (English: Wilson)


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