World Orders, Old and New

by Noam Chomsky

Paperback, 1997





Pluto Press (1997), 312 pages


In this widely acclaimed study of global politics, Chomsky offers a devastating critique of conventional definitions of the 'new world order'. It is, he argues, nothing more than an ingenious piece of 'historical engineering', whereby the pretexts for the Cold War - nuclear threat, Eastern Bloc menace - have been deftly replaced by a new set of convenient justifications for a Western agenda that remains largely unchanged.Now with a new and extensive epilogue on the Middle East, World Orders Old And New is as relevant now as when it was first published.

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LibraryThing member tdbowles
Why governments do what they-to proctect their interest and control human and natural resources. The media is truly the opiate of the people, and there is no free market economy nor democractic governments as they are both manipulated at every level for desired result by a few.
LibraryThing member bookworm546
A great book a real insight in the way the world is today much talk about the destruction of unions rights of the poor in the first world and third world and how cooperatism and the banks with a few super rich elite are the real rulers. talks in detail about cooperate backed death squads in south
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america which only purpose is to drain the natural resources of these countrys serving only the puppet goverments in charge and the capitalist rulers who pull the strings. explains alot of what is happening today worth a read
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