The last word : New scientist

by Mick O'Hare

Other authorsSpike Gerrell
Paper Book, 1998


Why is the sky blue?Does it really get warmer when it snows?Why doesn't superglue stick to the inside of the tube?How is it possible to uncork a bottle by hitting the bottom?Can you drive through a rainbow?Should you walk or run in the rain?Why does soap make bubblebath collapse?The leading science weekly the New Scientist runs a popular column, The Last Word, which invites readers to write in with enquiries about everyday scientific phenomena. Providing a selection of the most interesting questions and answers from the column, this book covers a wide range of subjects,from plants and animals to the human body and gadgets and inventions. Fun and informative, it is fascinating reading for anyone who has ever asked themselves these kind of questions.… (more)



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Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.


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0192861999 / 9780192861993
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