The battle of Blair Mountain : the story of America's largest labor uprising

by Robert Shogan

Paper Book, 2006


This long-neglected slice of American history is a saga of the conflicting political, economic, and cultural forces that shaped the power structure of twentieth-century America.



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New York : Basic Books, 2006.


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LibraryThing member LynnB
This is an interesting, readable account of an uprising of United Mine Workers members in West Virginia shortly after World War I. It shows how the entire community was affected by the strike, with phone operators taking sides and miners' wives working as nurses. It shows how local politicians took
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sides, and the role of mercenary forces. The federal government's involvement was also described.

I especially liked the concluding chapter which put the uprising in both its historical and modern-day context.
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LibraryThing member wvlibrarydude
I was interested more in the historical accounts of these turbulent years in the mine wars than I was in the author's thoughts on labor. As an outsider to WV, I have wondered about this era of American history that wasn't even touched on in my schooling. It has stimulated my interest in knowing
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more about WV history, and especially how outside business money has shaped the political and economic landscape. It also confirms my thoughts that West Virginians are widely misunderstood by historians and the media. Cursory prejudicial thoughts without deep knowledge and understanding has been the norm in looking at West Virginians and Appalachians.
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