You don't have to fuck people over to survive

by Seth Tobocman

Paper Book, 2009


Agitprop and artistry mingle in this scrapbook-style collection of Seth Tobocman's art and writings. Tobocman's readers range from comics buffs to counterculture fans of street art (stencils and graffiti) who copy his posters and use them in protests around the world. This 15th anniversary edition of Tobocman's composite portrait of 1980s activism collects some of his most striking images, comic strips, and visual histories. Both political and personal, You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive explores in image and text such hot-button issues as Mumia Abu-Jamal; Israel's military-industrial complex; relationships; and the world of bosses, bastards, and bohemians that populate Tobocman's heady home turf of New York City.



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Oakland, CA ; Edinburgh : AK Press, 2009.



1849350043 / 9781849350044
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