Writings of the young Marx on philosophy and society

by Karl Marx

Paper Book, 1967


A reprint of the Doubleday edition of 1967. The most comprehensive one-volume collection in English of Marx's early writings (1835-1847) on the nature of religion, freedom of the press, the relation of the state to democracy, the humanistic critique of philosophical idealism, the alienation of humanity, and the relation of communism to historical praxis. Easton and Guddat's translations are based on the best German editions and on the study of original manuscripts and first editions. A substantial Introduction and detailed analytical headnotes indicate the significance and historical setting of each selection, as well as its relationship to Marx's other writings. With one exception (Defense of the Moselle Correspondent) each article, chapter, or book section is presented in its entirety, without internal deletions.… (more)



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(s.l.) : Anchor Books, 1967.

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Best collection of Marx's early writings, including letter to his father, selections from critique of Hegel's of the state, critique of Hegel's philosophy of law, On the Jewish Question, selections from 1844 Manuscripts, Theses on Feuerbach, selections from holy family, german ideology and poverty
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of philosophy.
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