The Communist manifesto : a road map to history's most important political document

by Karl Marx

Paper Book, 2005


"What is globalization? Here is one of the best answers. It is the 'constant revolutionizing of production' and the 'endless disturbance of all social conditions.' It is 'everlasting uncertainty.' Everything 'fixed and frozen' is 'swept away,' and 'all that is solid melts into air.' Yes, you have read this before. It is fromThe Communist Manifesto, by Messrs. Marx and Engels."--The New York Times Here, at last, is an authoritative introduction to history's most important political document, with the full text ofThe Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. This beautifully organized and presented edition ofThe Communist Manifesto is fully annotated, with clear historical references and explication, additional related texts, and a glossary that will bring the text to life for students, as well as the general reader. Since it was first written in 1848, theManifesto has been translated into more languages than any other modern text. It has been banned, censored, burned, and declared "dead." But year after year, the text only grows more influential, remaining required reading in courses on philosophy, politics, economics, and history. "Apart from Charles Darwin'sOrigin of Species," notes theLos Angeles Times, theManifesto "is arguably the most important work of nonfiction written in the 19th century."The Washington Post calls Marx "an astute critic of capitalism." Writing inThe New York Times, Columbia University Professor Steven Marcus describes theManifesto as a "masterpiece" with "enduring insights into social existence." The New Yorker recently described Karl Marx as "The Next Thinker" for our era. This book will show readers why. Phil Gasper is a professor of philosophy at Notre Dame de Namur University in northern California. He writes extensively on politics and the philosophy of science and is a frequent contributor toCounterPunch.… (more)



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Chicago, IL : Haymarket Books, c2005.


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